Thursday, August 12, 2010

can't stop addicted to the shindig.

Since I read Anthony Kiedis's Biography called "Scar Tissue" my love for Red Hot Chili Peppers came back to me. My absolute favorite music video by them is to their song "Can't Stop". I could watch that thing 10 times a day everyday and not get tired of it. And actually, I probably do. Anthony Kiedis is a long time celebrity crush next to Julian Casablancas, Andy Samberg, and lil Wayne. Yes, lil Wayne.

Speaking of music videos, I've recently became obsessed with some of Mike Posner's stuff. Check out his song "Close the door" and a more popular hit "cooler than me". The "Cooler than me" video is pretty good. I wish so badly I had TV only to access music video channels. They are the best and there are so many! Some amazing and others horrid. For an amazing one check out the artist Bat For Lashes and the song is called "Whats a girl to do". So GOOD! And one more before I go, if you haven't seen Ciara's video "Ride it" you have to watch it. That girl can dance!


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