Thursday, August 19, 2010

this can't be real...

When I see this photo all I can imagine is running around the scene wearing a black feathered gown. The end.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Human Towers.

These are incredible. It's a Spanish tradition during Spanish festivals to build these dangerous human towers. This tradition dates back to the end of the 18th century. I could only imagine how intense it would be to watch these festivities.

Monday, August 16, 2010


This makes me want to travel. I want to see this in person and be wrapped up in the culture.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet the sloths

I once asked one of my best friends, Kelsey, what animal i remind her of in hopes of honesty and she told me a sloth. lol and then I called her a Dinosaur.

music nation

Just watched The Doors documentary. I liked it but I was not in love with it. Now that it's been a few weeks from watching it I look back and think it's good but I remember when I was done with it I didn't feel that way. I just love this photo...

Just watched Kurt & Courtney a documentary about Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, and his girlfriend and later famous artist Courtney Love. In the film there is all the talk about the conspiracy theories about Courtney Love being liable for killing Kurt Cobain who was said to have committed suicide. I don't know what to believe but how could anyone live with knowing that you killed someone and then lied about it for the rest of your life! sad souls.

Not to keep this depressing post going but have you heard of that documentary about the San Francisco bridge?!?!! It's about people who jump off the San Francisco bridge to commit suicide and apparently it happens almost every 3 weeks! So this camera crew sets up cameras to monitor the bridge all year long and they actually show these people doing it. When I heard about this and researched on it I couldn't help but think this feels wrong. The site is messed up!

Alright now I need to post something super happy because this is lame.

can't stop addicted to the shindig.

Since I read Anthony Kiedis's Biography called "Scar Tissue" my love for Red Hot Chili Peppers came back to me. My absolute favorite music video by them is to their song "Can't Stop". I could watch that thing 10 times a day everyday and not get tired of it. And actually, I probably do. Anthony Kiedis is a long time celebrity crush next to Julian Casablancas, Andy Samberg, and lil Wayne. Yes, lil Wayne.

Speaking of music videos, I've recently became obsessed with some of Mike Posner's stuff. Check out his song "Close the door" and a more popular hit "cooler than me". The "Cooler than me" video is pretty good. I wish so badly I had TV only to access music video channels. They are the best and there are so many! Some amazing and others horrid. For an amazing one check out the artist Bat For Lashes and the song is called "Whats a girl to do". So GOOD! And one more before I go, if you haven't seen Ciara's video "Ride it" you have to watch it. That girl can dance!


lost land.

I wonder what the tallest tree in the world measures up to. Also I wonder how terrifying that would be to climb it.