Thursday, July 8, 2010

humid treat.

More than anything, in this moment, I want some ice cream! Probably a chocolate chip cookie dough on a sugar or waffle cone would do it!

When I was 16 I was hired for my first job that didn't include watching the entire neighborhoods children all summer or washing dishes. It was at an ice cream parlor called "The Yum Yum Shoppe". We would make some of our ice cream homemade and it was SO delicious! We were able to request certain combo's to try that week and my favorite was always the chocolate chip cookie dough made with cake batter ice cream instead of vanilla. Take a scoop of that and add some hot fudge, reeses cup chunks, whip cream, nuts, and a cherry and you've got something amazing. Or if you put a bit of hot fudge at the bottom of a sugar cone and then add ice cream and another layer of hot fudge, then ice cream again!!!!! SO GOOD!

Anyone ever have a creepy ice cream man? It seems like the older you get the creepier the ice cream trucks appear to be.

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